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Materials are at the heart of what we do and have informed our designs from the beginning. We have always strived to source all our materials in the UK, unless we are unable to achieve the quality we look for. Fortunately for us there are amazing people producing amazing materials all across the UK and we are very lucky to be able to celebrate and showcase these materials and suppliers in our collection.


Sycamore Colour Way

The Sycamore collection combines striking English Sycamore, an often overlooked home grown species that is starting to make a comeback. With its pale white colouring, a strong and vibrant grain with beautiful lacing, it provides a stunning contrast against the hand blackened steel, green leather and Ledmore marble. The Ledmore Mable is from North-West Scotland and has spectacular banding and veining, a striking lime green, with beautiful white, greys and blacks.


Elm  Colour Way

The second colourway introduces a Scottish Elm, with its interlocking grain it has a wonderfully ornate zig-zag style pattern. Its tones of warm earthy browns are embellished with rich streaks of grey, green and black that perfectly complement the dark midnight blue leather, Ashburton marble and hand blackened steel. The Ashburton Marble is a West Country Marble, a luxurious dark grey with vibrant swirls of rich coral fossils, streams of copper, and white and pink veining.


Timber - English Woodlands Timber 

The timber we work with is all grown in Britain and sourced from English Woodlands Timber. A long standing Sussex timber business with extensive experience in sustainable, productive woodland management and specialising in providing the best quality home grown timber. This unique relationship means that there is a traceability to each piece of timber we select. Every piece can be traced back to the county and the estate on which it was felled, its seasoning is documented and once crafted into a piece of furniture this chain of custody is passed to the owner.


Leather - Andrew Muihead & Son

Our leather is sourced from Andrew Muirhead & Son in Glasgow, where they have been producing the finest quality leather since 1840. Highly skilled individuals and advanced manufacturing technology is combined to deliver the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality leather; tested and certified to meet the most exacting standards of performance. All raw hides are sourced from within 300 miles of the tannery and each finished hide can be traced back through the tanning process all the way to the farm, assuring full transparency. Andrew Muirhead are revolutionising the way the leather industry deals with its waste, traditionally dumped in landfill, Muirhead have pioneered technology that allows the waste to be converted into energy resulting in a fantastic low carbon leather.


Marble - Britannicus Stone

Britannicus Stone are passionate about British stones and marbles, true marvels of nature and geology; luminescent, beautiful, rare and unique. Britannicus is the world’s leading provider of British stones and marbles. They source only the very best carboniferous limestone from the depths of the beautiful British landscape, and expertly hone and polish to create timeless and unique moments in stone and marble.