Simpson & Sand.
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About Simpson & Sand.


About Simpson & sand.

Balancing form, function, style and detail we craft objects enriched with a passion for design and focused on materials. This shines through in the furniture we create here in our london workshop incubated at the heart of Somerset House, leading the maker movement and capturing the spirit of Great Britain. Whether unique or part of the collection each piece is carefully handcrafted, focused on quality, honesty and beauty.

The Detail

Materiality is an integral part of a Simpson & Sand piece and informs design from the first sketches to the final form of a hidden joint. Our designs embrace the juxtaposition of contrasting materials, bringing a unique feel to our furniture, continually providing opportunity to express beautiful and intimate details.

We have a love of both old and new technologies. Through a combination of fabrication techniques our team of highly skilled makers create a bespoke language in design and composition. From fine woodwork to 3D printing we create our unique blend of forms and textures.

the responsibility

Our aim is to design considered pieces that will stand the test of time. We are conscious of waste and craft our raw materials in a responsible and sustainable way. We strive to source our materials here in the UK from our Scottish hides and marble to our English timber. We are proud to specialise in hardwoods grown in sustainably managed forests right here in Britain. The quality of the wood and its post-felling seasoning makes it a pleasure to work with and allows us to let our materials take centre stage. British grown and crafted to age.